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For aluminum tubes

Flexible tubes are manufactured  starting from aluminium tablets ,then extruded until they become tubes.

Tubes are softened in high temperature  ovens (annealing ovens). During this operation the metal changes its crystalline structure and from rigid / hard it becomes soft.

Paint guns with extra small nozzles are used to apply a protection layer of epoxy – phenol paints onto the inner surface of tubes.

After inner painting the tube outer basecoat protection layer is applied by rollers. After this process tubes are printed with offset inks and fully baked.


Series Type Description Performance
REITUBE WATER BASED Polyester White,Clear ,Matt,Pastel  and Transparent colors,pearl High gloss,very good printability with polyester inks,low V.O.C. and environmentally friendly , high level of water content. Low formaldehyde
REITUBE SOLVENT BASED Polyester White,Clear ,Matt,Pastel  and Transparent colors,pearl,alluminium and glitter effects High gloss, very good printability with polyester and alkyd inks
REIPUR Polyurethane White , Matt white High gloss,good printability,sterilization proof


Series Type Description Performance
REILAK Epoxy Amino-Phenolic Gold , Pigmented High solid ( 50-52%) high ammonia resistance. Suitable for cosmetical, hair dyes , pharmaceutical and foodstuff
REILAK Epoxy Phenolic Gold Suitable for general pourpose,pharmaceutical,food,acid products, tooths paste
REILAK Polyester Gold Suitable for foodstuff BPA free

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