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ACRI are water based inks formulated with pigment dispersions; they are suitable for use with special marker pens with a valve based feeding system and no filter.

These new inks are suitable for writing on all surfaces including paper, metal, glass, plastic, various minerals, and difficult substrates such as expanded polystyrene, textiles, etc.

ACRÍ inks have outstanding covering power which enables them to work even on dark substrates. They will not pass through paper, and they will not spread.

When fully dry ACRI inks become fully water resistant.

The permanent colours of ACRI are resistant to light, and to all atmospheric effects.

ACRI are odourless and solvent free, and therefore require no safety labelling, or any special handling care.

Notes for the Pen Manufacturer

Please inform the end client Via Labelling on Marker Pens - Shake well before use. - If already started please write for a short time on separate sheet in order to permit the pigment particles to pass through the tip again. - Replace the Cap after use - please understand that this environmentally friendly ink will take a little longer to dry than the normal chemical solvent based inks.

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