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Solvent-based Inks for Markers

Questo gruppo comprende soprattutto inchiostri per sistema a filtro per marcatori permanenti (li produciamo in oltre 70 colori) e marcatori whiteboard (cancellabili a secco per lavagna bianca).



These inks, beeing solvent based, have a particular odour and if left with the cap ope will dry on the tips (naturally this in not happening for CAP OFF series).

All our inks of this serie do not contain substances which are mentioned into the “California Hazardous Act”

Recommended Components

We recommend you the use of following components:

Cap, Barrel and End Plug: PP (if thickness is appropriate), HDPE, the barrel may also be in aluminum

Nibs: PS, Acrylic (bear in mind to ask for specific, unwashed nibs)

Filtes: PS

White Board Marker Inks


All standard packing is supplied free of charge, the cost not being invoiced to the buyer. Special packing can be arranged upon request with extra charges being debited to the buyer.

  • 100 liters metal drums (net 80 kgs)
  • 200 liters metal drums (net 170 kgs)

Solvent-based Inks for Markers

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