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Pigmented water based permanent inks (aquaperm)

Pigmented water based permanent inks (aquaperm)

This new permanent ink is suitable for writing on many surfaces including paper, metal, glass, plastic, various minerals, and difficult substrates such as expanded polystyrene, textiles, etc.

AQUAPERM does not pass through paper, and does not spread. When fully dry AQUAPERM becomes water resistant.

The permanent colours of AQUAPERM are resistant to light, and to all atmospheric effects.

Although AQUAPERM is permanent, it can be easily removed from skin using soap and water. On non absorbent surfaces it can be removed with a wet rag provided this is done within one hour of application.

AQUAPERM is odourless and solvent free. For this reason it requires no safety labelling, or any special handling care.

AQUAPERM should be used in conjunction with fibre or acetalic nibs (i.e. fineliner type).

Do not use sintered fibre tips.

Recommended filters: polyester.

Pen body: polypropylene or other plastic with good evaporation seal. Of course we are ready to check compatibility of pen bodies and tips in our laboratories.

Make sure (via labelling) that customers are aware that the cap should be replaced after use and that the drying of this environmentally friendly ink is a little longer than the normal solvent based types.

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